The Messy Show is an insane, manic, stupid comedy show where every act makes a huge mess on stage. It's hosted by NYC sketch group SOAP (Andrew Benedict, Ben Hosley, Joel Straley, and Erin Coughlin), and features acts from the Upright Citizens Brigade, The Annoyance Theater, The Peoples Improv Theater, and the NYC stand up scene. The Messy Show has been called part SNL, part Jackass, and part 90s Nickelodeon slime show.


Who's SOAP?

SOAP is a dumb and dirty sketch group that has performed at NYC Sketch Fest 2014-2017, Philly Sketch Fest's "Dirtiest Sketch In Philadelphia" Contest, and all those bars and improv theaters in NYC. They have an award winning Brooklyn Public Access TV show and their work has been featured on Funny Or Die, McSweeneys, HuffPost, and some other stuff.

Who else?

Murderfist, Brett Davis, Annie Donley, Carmen Christopher, Anthony Oberbeck, Dan Chamberlain, Eric Yearwood, Philip Markle, Tim Platt, Danny Groh, Joey Dundale, Amber Nelson, Riley Soloner, Buzz Off Lucielle, Diana Kolsky & Murf Meyer, Drew Luster, Sandy Honig, Alyssa Stonoha, Nick Smith, Thomas Fricilone, Kelly Cooper, Alex Mullen & Max Azulay, Rich Templeton, Ian Lockwood & Sophie Zucker, David Del Rosario, Mamoudou N'Diaye, Steven Markow, Amanda Xeller, Rome Davis, Sam Taffel, David Steele, Jason Weitzman, Matthew Liner, John Sartori, Richard Kagan, Caitlin Dullea, Maya Sharma, Deanna Arthur, Dash Turner, Jared Weil, Pedro Lee, Josh Krebs, Seth Finkelstein and lots more have all been guests on The Messy Show