“Expect to get dirty at The Messy Show, a comedy variety show where every act has to make a mess.”          -Brokelyn's "20 Absolute Best Cheap Things To Do"


"If Gallagher were a satanist"           - Amber Nelson


“Props might include anything from fake urine and blood to real clam chowder, cake, or balloons, so you know the situations will be riotously funny.”           -Afar


ben liner framed.png

“Cleanliness isn’t a virtue at the messy show, a comedy/variety show where every act has to make a mess. And they will.”          -The Skint


"Weirdo sketch group SOAP is at it again."          -Bedford and Bowery


“Life gets messy, so you might as well laugh along the way! Thank the heavens there’s a place to consolidate all that MESS. THE MESSY SHOW will be bringing all that fun indoors for the first time at Superchief Gallery in Brooklyn… Don’t miss out on this giggly and grubby good time!”           -Comedy Cake



“If the title didn’t already give it away, we’ll go ahead and say it: Neat freaks should probably just skip this one.”           -Metro New York